Baroque Collection
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Baroque Collection

Design a Custom, Heirloom-Quality, Handcrafted Leather Book

Baroque Collection

A leather journal can be used in so many ways!

Whether expressing your creativity, as a notebook to record

your precious memories or thoughts in words or images,

or as a place to record the whims of your imagination,

the painstaking attention to detail, solid construction, and

unmatched craftsmanship will impress!

Each leather-bound, handcrafted book has a flexible cover

with four raised bands and gold tooling on its spine.

All have Florentine hand-marbled endpapers

in rich, classic, vibrant colors with intricate lines.

A double-sided satin ribbon helps mark your place.

Each book can be individually customized using a variety of options:

SIZE: 54 OR 192 pages

PAPER: Unlined, Strathmore 80-lb. Pastelle Natural White paper, with OR without a deckled [feathered] edge.

BOOK PAGES: Edges can be gilded with 24-karat gold. You may choose to gild only the top edge OR three edges.

BOOK COVER: Your choice of color

PROTECTIVE BOX: Choose a Slipcase OR a Clamshell Box

Handcrafted Slipcase:

Covered in Florentine marbled paper to match your book’s endpapers.

Your choice of Regular—with label attached . . . OR Deluxe—felt-lined with label in a recessed panel.

Slipcase Construction: Choose Soft and flexible OR Hard.

Handcrafted Clamshell Box:

Superior strength and durability. Leather cover, felt-lined interior, with Florentine marbled paper matching your book’s endpapers covering the sidewalls of the box.

LABEL: Your choice to leave blank for your own inscription OR have a message printed in gold.

Shop with confidence. A gift to be cherished for generations.

6.5” x 9.5”

Handcrafted by Florentine Collections USA.

These exquisite products are ideal for personalizing!

Make it uniquely yours—or a very special gift


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